Welcome to the Duchesne County Fair!

If you are a 4-H member please make sure you are registered on the new 4-H website 4h.zsuite.org by May 1, 2021 or before tagging. All entrants will need to make a profile in order to enter into the fair.

All Livestock entries must be entered by June 14, 2021. Livestock exhibitors will also need a record book which will be due at the time of weigh-ins, if they would like to participate in the market round and the auction. Record books can be found at extension.usu.edu/duchesne/ or 4h.zsuite.org

All Exhibit Hall entries must be entered by Aug 5, 2021.

Horse Show registration is under 4H Horseshow, then sign up for which horse show and events you would like to attend. Payment for Horseshow's will be taken on the day of the Horseshow at check-in. You can not prepay on this site. Please pay at horseshows.

If you have any questions feel free to email Katrina Spencer at katrina.spencer@usu.edu or call the office at (435)738-1140.

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